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Are you a model who is intersted in working with us?

A lot of photographers offer TFP, when working with new models or when building their portfolio. We have a few options when working with models for the first time.

For your portfolio
If you are a model who is contacting us to add a new style/direction to your portfolio, we can do a TFP shoot and see how well we work together.

Please note: If you are contacting us to photograph you, we do not pay a modeling fee, this will only be TFP. Believe it or not, we actually had a model tell us she liked our work and wanted to shoot with us to update her portfolio, requested a shot with a Red Ferrari, then asked how much we were going to pay her.

Working with us
Please feel free to contact us if your intersted in working with us. When working for the first time with a new model, We will shoot a camera test. This is a low key shoot, no makeup artists, no stylist, just a quick point and shoot and some fun. Our goal is like a movie screen test, just to see how well everyone works together, this is just as much for the model as it is for the photographer. We aim to get to know our long term models, and as the relationship grows we find that a style developes between the model and the photographer, and this helps guide us when selecting a model for a shoot.

Paid Modeling
We offer a few types of paid modeling, hourly and per project. We really prefer per project as some models may be slower or faster than others.
Per Project / Day Rate
This is our prefered method. We like to pay a set rate per project. Some models may be faster or slower than others and this provides the best balance.
Hourly (1-4 hours)
This is the basic modeling pay schedule.You are paid an agreed upon rate per hour. Note: Time starts from the call time or your arrival time, which ever is later.
Revenue Share
Revenue sharing is when we shoot for stock agencies or when we self finance a shoot and sell the photo at a later date. With this method we agree on X amount or percentage of sale.

There are times when we need to do a shot for our own interal use, be it brochures or our own portfolio. Sometimes we want to try out a new idea or see whats possible. We have some models willing to work with us durring these times and we generaly do a TFP.

Sometimes we want to do a camera test with a new MUA, and for this, we reach out to one of our models.

Please note: We will always give an estimated block of time for any shoot.

Here are a few of the models we work with, shown on our blog.